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Agreement Not In Authoring State

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Switch to Post/agreements and create the access tokens with the required areas. How do I update the status of “AUTHORING” to “IN_PROCESS” with Put /agreements/`agreementId`/state? How do I create an agreement with the API with an “AUTHORING” status in V6? Switch to Put/agreements/`agreementId`/state, then provide the following information: For if-Match, use the Etag value of the Get/agreements method. Collecting the agreement ID, which is available using the POST/Accord method. Use Get/agreements/`agreementId` to retrieve the latest ETag. 某些 Creative Cloud 应 服务功能. What is Flattening? Flattening allows the display of the signature note to be transferred to the content of the page, effectively removing interactive elements, while maintaining visual representation. Adobe`s “Print in PDF” feature flattens the document and will reset all settings to the default settings. . Do not touch while the document is “printed” as this can cause additional errors. To correct the error, use Adobe Acrobat to flatten the original PDF file. This is a document-specific problem.

There are many possible causes that can prevent a file from being processed and rendered correctly when uploading to the Adobe Sign web application, for example.B.:.