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Articles Of Agreement Springfield Massachusetts

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The case concerning the claims and rights holders of the area that is now Springfield is confusing and I do not pretend that I fully understand. The subject would be a long study in itself. However, as I have read many articles about it, it seems that everyone initially thought that the new colony of Agawam (like Windsor, Hartford, Wethersfield, all river towns) was under the authority of Connecticut. Misters Pynchon and Smith were in the legislative branch of Hartford. On May 14, 1636 Henry Smith wrote the agreement for the foundation of the Springfield plantation. Only eight men signed it: William Pynchon, Mathew Mitchell, Henry Smith, Jehu Burr, William Blake, Edmund Wood, Thomas Ufford and John Cable. The agreement contained many articles for the future government of the transaction. And so they stayed where there were good relations with the whites until 1675. . .