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Brazilian Citizen Under Porto Seguro Agreement

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The statute guarantees the equivalence of rights between the two countries. Thus a Brazilian can exercise, choose and choose his political rights in Portugal, as well as a Portuguese can offer public competition (and a political career) in Brazil. [2] Brazilian citizens in Portugal who enjoy this status can acquire the Portuguese citizenship card, just as the Portuguese in Brazil apply for the Brazilian identity card. The main reason for the introduction of the new map was the reduction in the number of separate documents that citizens need to deal with the various institutions of the state. The CC is a smart card with a data storage chip that can store encrypted personal data. According to the Portuguese government, this device guarantees its privacy: it does not allow access to medical information stored by officials who have access to the citizen`s financial database in order to prevent abuses of power in the collection of data and the protection of citizens` privacy. Unlike most of the neighbouring Spanish-American republics, Brazil had political stability, dynamic economic growth, constitutional freedom of expression and respect for the civil rights of its subjects, but with legal restrictions on women and slaves, considered property and not citizens. The bicameral Parliament of the Empire was elected for this period in relatively democratic ways, as were provincial and local parliaments. The result was a long ideological conflict between Pedro I and a major parliamentary group over the role of the monarch in government. Fernando Collor de Mello, a 40-year-old debonair from Alagoas State, took office in March 1990. Mello, described as a “Maharaja Hunter” (an allusion to his promises to free the government from inactive and well-paid officials), immediately began to control inflation (his first step was to block all savings accounts in Brazil).

His extravagant economic plans were not highlighted until two years later by the discovery of widespread corruption with his friend and campaign manager Paulo César “P.C”. Farias. Following impeachment proceedings, Collor was impeached in December 1992, and Brazilian leaders fell to Vice President Itamar Franco. With his “Plano Real”, Franco has mastered inflation. The move from the capital to Rio de Janeiro exacerbated economic, institutional and social crises on the Portuguese continent, managed by British commercial and military interests during the reign of William Beresford in the monarch`s absence. The influence of liberal ideals was strengthened by the consequences of the war, by the lingering effects of the American and French revolutions, by the dissatisfaction of the absolutist government and by the general indifference of the Portuguese government to the distress of the people.