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Burlington Vt Master Agreement

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Learn more about the stacking of Burlington`s school district with similar neighborhoods. South Burlington Administrator Association: SBAA framework contract. Parents: I am a long-time resident of Hartford with a son and daughter-in-law who both completed the Hartford School system and also have several nieces and nephews who are either graduates or currently at Hartford School. We found the teachers extraordinary, and our children were well prepared and they were doing very well in university. My son played three sports and his teams reached the semi-final or final 5 times. At every level, I feel like the school is doing a great job, from academics and social activities to sports and diversity. So proud to live in a community with an amazing school. Read 14 reviews. South Burlington Educators` Association, Educational Support Professional Unit: SBEA, ESP Master Agreement Alum: Last spring, I graduated from Mount Anthony Union High School. The school is very small compared to the others, but I would be lying if I said I don`t have a good high school experience. The teachers and staff at the MAU were fun and made schooling interesting. In high school, everyone knew everyone and we were like one big family. The MAU is great for pride, school spirit and equality.

I`ve always enjoyed going one night to a school drama club play and going to a basketball game the next night. To me, Mount Anthony is a great place to have a high school, and I wouldn`t change anything about mine. Read 21 comments Alum: Arlington is a small school community. Everyone knows everyone. The school has no more than 200 students (i.e. secondary and secondary education combined). They receive the personal attention of all teachers who expect a lot from their students. The small size and personal attention of the teachers is what I appreciated about Arlington. Read 3 comments Click on a point below to view and download materials provided by the Burlington School District for more information about the district. Parents: Vermont Academy has provided our children with an environment that supports self-determination and autonomy, self-representation and self-confidence through entrepreneurship. . .