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Campaign Sponsorship Agreement

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PandaTip: This sponsorship model was created for those who wish to enter into a sponsorship agreement for an event. When preparing an event proposal, it is important that the proposal reach potential sponsors and explain why their products or services should be associated with your event. Adapt your coverage, like the one above, to the theme of your event for free in the PandaDoc app. It is important to indicate precisely for which event or venue the sponsorship will be. Sponsorship can be for example for one or more musical concerts at Wembley Arena or for a band`s concert tour. This must be made clear in the Treaty. Another example is that Juventus has a shirt sponsor for Serie A matches and a shirt sponsor for Champions League matches. 2.1.2 A non-transferable, non-exclusive and free license to use the Event Logos and Marks (the “Event Marks”) which, in accordance with clause 4.3, is exclusively intended to promote your sponsorship of the Event for the duration (defined in clause 8.1) and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. 6.5 You agree not to use the Event Marks in any way that we believe involves us entering into a partnership or business agreement (with the exception of sponsoring the Event) or supporting any part of your business, trade name or style. ensure that the main players/participants of the event or the promoter have entered into a participation contract; Create room for a sponsor`s message in the program. Sponsorship of titles or events – i.e. if the sponsor is the name of the title sponsor or the exclusive or main sponsor of an event.

Often with the right to have the sponsor`s name in the title (for example. B Worthington Cup, Barclaycard F.A Premiership, Carling Reading and Leeds Festivals, etc.). whereas none of the parties has concluded contradictory agreements with third parties; An agreement can be a letter or a formal contract. The example in this fact sheet contains some general instructions. But it`s a good idea to seek professional advice, especially when it comes to large sums of money. When first reviewing a proposed sponsorship agreement, there are a number of key elements that sponsors should check. The following checklist is not an exhaustive list and, indeed, for some types of transactions, there will be key aspects that will not be addressed below. However, this can be useful for throwing the ball in the first round of the contract. The treaty will contain a number of provisions relating to the protection of the parties` existing intellectual property; who owns the IpR resulting from the sponsorship; and the use of the other party`s spiritual data (usually name and/or logo) during the sponsorship period.

Broadcast sponsorship – sponsorship of a television, internet or radio show (e.g. Baileys` sponsored.B by `Sex and the City` and the sponsorship of Stella Artois of Channel 4 Films). Upon receipt of the notification of cancellation of sponsorship, the organizer has the absolute power to resell the canceled referral items. Ambush Protections — it`s hard to protect yourself from it. The rights holder must control, monitor and verify a large area to ensure that no unwanted marks are promoted on or around the place (e.g. B Nike`s successful ambush marketing campaign at Euro 2000, where Adidas was the official sponsor). Nike put a huge photo of Edgar Davids alongside a building next to a venue and, as a result, viewers thought Nike was an official sponsor). Sponsor title rights – the type of association with a sponsorship theme that a sponsor in general wants to have the most (examples above). .

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