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Dod Service Agreement

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2. Change of the program. The contract agent may change the course for any student registered under this agreement, but cannot apply for or modify a course without the contractor`s consent. 237.7000. This low – a) applies to the services contracts of the morgue (care of the remains) to the military in the United States; and b) can be used as guidance in areas outside the United States for morgue services for deceased military and civilian personnel. 237.7001 Acquisition method. (a) contract with type of application. After agreement on military activities, an activity will be reduced in each geographical area for the estimated needs for the maintenance of the remains for all military activities in the region. Use an application type contract (see FAR 16,503) if the estimated annual requirements for activities in this area are 10 or more. (b) Order. If there is no contract, use DD Form 1155, Order for Supplies or Services for morgue services. 237.7002 Contract Services and Distribution. Follow the procedures of IPG 237.7002 for …

(a) the definition of the geographical area covered by the treaty; and b) the distribution of order copies. 237.7003 Tendering and contracting arrangements. (a) Use the following clauses in all morning service requirements and subsequent contracts, unless you use clauses 252.237-7004 , the area of service included in tenders or contracts that involve duty requirements: (1) 252.237-7003 , insert requirements, (insert activities empowered to place orders in paragraph e) of the clause). (2) 252.237-7004 , performance area. (3) 252.237-7005 , power and delivery. (4) 252.237-7006 , Outsourcing. (5) 252.237-7007 , cancellation for delay. (6) 252.237-7008 , Group Interment. (7) 252.237-7009 , authorization. (8) 252.237-7011 , preparatory history. (b) Use the clause in government-owned FAR 52.245-1 with its Deputy I in calls and contracts that contain Port of Entry requirements.

c) permissions. Do not issue an invitation for audit services unless the required activity provides evidence that DoD`s auditing body has approved the work statement. The required organization collects the same certificate of authorization for subsequent substantial changes to the work statement. 237.102-70 Prohibition of the allocation of an order for firefighters or guards. (a) at point 10.C 2465, the DoD is prohibited from contracting for the performance of fire or guard duties in a military facility or facility, unless the contract is to be executed in a location outside the United States and its outlying areas, where members of the armed forces should clean up the duties of firefighters or guards at the expense of preparation; 2. The contract is executed on a state capital, but private; (3) The contract (or extension of a contract) is scheduled to perform a contractual function on September 24, 1983; or (4) The contract – (i) is intended for the performance of deletion functions; (ii) for a period of one year or less; and (iii) only covers the performance of erasure functions which, in the absence of the contract, should be performed by members of the armed forces who, as a result of an operation, are not readily available for such tasks. b) This prohibition applies in accordance with section 2907 of the pub. L.

103-160 not for services in closed facilities (see subsection 237.74). (c) (1) In accordance with Section 332 of Public Law 107-314, amended by Section 333 of Public Act 109-364 and Section 343 of Public Law 110-181, this prohibition does not apply to a contract for the enhanced performance of security duties in a military facility or facility in response to terrorist attacks on September 11. , 2001, if – (i) without the treaty, members of the armed forces are or would be used to carry out enhanced security functions; (ii) the Agency found that … (A) the standards for the recruitment and training of monitoring staff are comparable to DoD staff recruitment and training standards, which perform the same security functions; (B) the contractor`s staff are effectively monitored, monitored and evaluated; and (C) The probe