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Expression Violent Agreement

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What does the term “violent agreement” mean? With regard to personality rights, where there are clearly substantive differences (e.g. B abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage), they always agree that the government has nothing to do with interfering with “my rights,” no matter what definition I give. And in fact, personality rights have continued to grow over time in response. If you doubt it, think about where and how to choose, live, go to work, go to school, who you can befriend, go out and get married, what you say, post and where, who to vote for – and how easy it is to choose – and what you can buy. In almost all cases, you have more rights than you did 50 or even 25 years ago. Meeting leaders are confronted with groups and participants (who may be in violent agreement) who need to develop a consensual understanding of what a particular term, expression, or expression means. The most used tool in the field of moderation is a robust definition tool. Therefore, the first step, often necessary to support effective analysis, is the right definition of something. I have heard that this term means either in strong agreement or “I agree with the overall plan, but disagree with the details of the plan.” Help me sort that out.

So my beeps were in agreement – we all absolutely wanted to go to the tunnel – but we couldn`t decide whether we should take a taxi or the subway. “Don`t look now, but you`re in violent agreement,” is the line about the couple who have been arguing for hours just to learn that they actually agreed long before. Angry Republicans and Democrats would find such an expression absurd if applied to their “fundamental and philosophical differences,” but that could only prove the point. It`s not the last, but it`s also not quite the first. It is an expression that describes a situation where two or more people are aggressively trying to make the same point, but in different terms. All of a sudden, you can see and say, “I think we`re in violent agreement about this.” It`s a game with the more literal idea of violent DSAgreement (where people scream, hit or worse). Use this robust method for consensus definitions of terms, expressions, or expressions with a group of meeting or workshop participants….