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First Relationship Disagreement

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“The first goal before you even start resolving the conflict or trying to figure out what went wrong is to try to make a repair attempt… we can actually start a dialogue to really work towards solving the problem,” he says. Fighting with your partner is not easy, and it`s not fun. But once you cross that important bridge, your relationship will only get better. Although there is no magic number when it comes to when a couple should have their first argument, the quality and quantity of the fight is important. Meet your partner and inform your partner of your wishes and needs. Communicate and let your arguments be productive (non-destructive) and observe that you and your partner will become closer than ever. Your new relationship is perfect. Your new partner looks caring, patient, thoughtful, funny, cute, and a whole host of other must-haves – until life throws a key into the situation. Seriously, fighting in a relationship is perfectly normal, and it`s really not something you have to be afraid of as long as you have a secure foundation. You really have to be honest with each other, and they are both determined to work on it instead of giving up as soon as things go wrong.

It makes so much sense, doesn`t it? How can you know what is really acceptable and what is not if you don`t have a disagreement from time to time? In addition, the ability to remain for oneself requires respect. Nicole Richardson, a family therapist and licensee, told Elite Daily that “the arguments are usually the result of unmet needs.” Arguing can be a way to learn from each other and communicate your desires and needs. But when should your very first argument take place? How fast is it too early? When I think back to all my early struggles in relationships, they`re usually not about life-changing things. It`s usually things like they stayed on top and didn`t realize that my morning routine meant I showered every day at the same time, or they slept too close to me or too far away or were just in too much of my room. When difficult times or unsettling fights elevate their ugly minds, remember that at the end of the day, you are in a relationship with another person, a person who has different feelings, opinions and ideas from yours.