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Fulsome Agreement

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This is not the first time a judge has been angry at fulsome abuse. There`s a story about a lawyer who, at some point in the `70s or `80s, defends a case in federal court. The case involved allegations of insufficient or misleading disclosure. Apparently, the defense argued that there had been more than one sufficient disclosure. To emphasize the completeness of the disclosure, defense counsel stated in his final plea, “This disclosure is the most complete disclosure that could have been made.” The bank judge said, “Are you sure you want to rest your case on the fullness of revelation? This is the complainant`s assertion that the revelation was also dazzling. [Note: that is, it excessively complements the business]. When the defense attorney saw that the defense attorney was confused, the judge suggested that the defense attorney check the word fulsome and let the judge know if he wanted to clarify his argument. Since there was no Google yet at the time, a dictionary was quickly found, and the defense lawyer, now embarrassed but informed, clarified his reasoning. The employee signed the contractual agreement and felt he had no choice but to do so. Although the earliest use of fulsomes (first recorded in the thirteenth century) was “generous or abundant,” this meaning is now considered erroneous by some people. The correct meaning is now considered “excessively complementary or flattering”.

However, the word is still often used in its original sense of “abundant”, especially in sentences that she was fulsome in her praises for the people who organized it, and this use can lead to ambiguity: for a spokesman, fulsome lob can be a real compliment, while interpreted for others as an insult Some words go a winding path to their meanings, What did users say confused about what they really mean? A word whose definition or use is so controversial that it constantly attracts attention is called the term skunked. Language users may solve the problem over time, but until then, what should an author do? Today, the story behind fulsome and what to do with this stinking term. The employer dismissed the worker during the year on the basis of the employment contract completed. .