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Instagram Developer Agreement

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11. Data protection. Smartsheet processes personal data in accordance with the smartsheet privacy notice, the current version of which can be found under By participating in the program, Smartsheet can provide certain information, including, but not limited to name and email address, which are related to the end-user development application, to connect to the developer or to ask the developer to access or use the developer application. In addition, Smartsheet can use information about developers` use of the smartsheet development platform and program participation to produce reports on unidentified aggregated data (“Aggregate Reports”). Aggregated reports contain data that is not identifiable or attributable to the developer and is only used for Smartsheet`s internal business purposes. If you`re posting Twitter content offline, you need to keep it up to date with the current status of that content on Twitter. In particular, you should delete or edit any content you have when it is deleted or edited on Twitter. This should be done as soon as possible or within 24 hours of receiving a request from Twitter or the Twitter account holder or, otherwise, as required by your agreement with Twitter or applicable legislation. This must be done, unless it is prohibited by law, and only then with the express written permission of Twitter. 8.2 Full agreement.

This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with regard to the object and replaces all prior written or oral agreements, proposals or assurances. If a provision of that agreement is considered by a competent court to have a right, the provision is amended by the Tribunal and interpreted to best achieve the objectives of the original provision to the extent permitted by law, and the other provisions of that agreement remain in force. They assure and guarantee that: (i) you have the full authority and authority to conclude this Agreement and that it binds you and can be applied on its terms, (ii) your participation in this affiliate program is not at odds with your existing agreements or agreements, (iii) you have or have sufficient rights to use and grant us the rights to use corporate trademarks, and (iv) corporate products that violate or do not improperly apply to the intellectual property rights of a third party.