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Ismoka Learning Agreement

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5. Apprenticeship Agreement (studies_en_completo) 1) the apprenticeship agreement duly signed by the Erasmus leader of the unica programme (and perhaps already signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs); 2. the digitisation of the health card and any private health insurance; 3. Transcript of Records (published by the host institution). Before you leave, you must sign the Erasmus 2020/2021 study agreement after reading the corresponding instructions. . 1. certificate of residence or apprenticeship agreement (after the mobility period) during which the start and end dates were introduced. Studenta siuntimo dalinéms studijoms – u`sien`taisykles 4.

Banking Istituto_studente_STUDIO_2019:INSTRUCTIONS for loading bank data. 3) a copy of the ID card and the health card; Erasmus mobilumo veiklos auk`tojo mokslo institucijé studentams 3. den Antrag auf Verl-ngerung of the Aufenthalts. Konkurso rezultatai skelbiami ne velau kaip po 2 knew pasibaigus atrankai. Juos galite rasti Tarptautinié ry`ié skyriau svetain`i ir/ar savo fakulteto svetainéje bei pas fakulteté ERASMUS koordinatorius. During your mobility period, you can make changes both in terms of the educational activities to be supported and the period to be carried out abroad. Below are the documents you can use: Fakultet- ERASMUS- hand-Koordinatori-Kontaktai. – éveicarijos dalyvavimas Erasmus programoje dalinis. Studentams, vykstantiems , eveicarij, atranka pra`jusieji studentai gaus eveicarijos valstybiné stipendijé (390 Eur). Stipendijos skirtumas bus padengtas ié Vilniaus universiteto.

Paslaugé student ir karjeros skyriustel. (+370 5) 236 6011 8. Certificate of arrival at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “SENDING” D`l riboto programos finansavimo studentai siun`iami ne visas skelbiamas vietas. U. studenta s`raéké, partnered ir éali, kurias siun`iami studentai, prioritetus atsakingi fakultet e koordinatoriai. Rudens semester nei`naudotos vietos lieka pavasario semestrui. I have a clue. If the Department of Foreign Affairs has decided to provide the course only in the presence of the first semester, you should be concerned about the authorization to leave the page and subscribe to the authorization available on the same page.

2) The mobility contract (ATTENTION Prof. Carucci – Pro Rector of Internationalization – will sign, on behalf of UNICA, all forms in our offices, you can NOT send your copy to your email); 6. Compilation of the last participant`s questionnaire (it is sent to you by email – it is recommended: Also to check the SPAM folder) Laimje ERASMUS atrankos konkurs, erasmus stipendijé studentai gauna, kurios dydis skiriasi priklausomai nuo u`sienio`alies: Release date: 28 July 2020 – Expiration date: 30 September 2021 Documents must be scanned