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Kia Lease Agreement

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At Wilson Kia, we like to think of a lease as a user agreement. Imagine this: you pay for the depreciation of the vehicle through the two- to four-year contract. Once the term of the rental is complete, you can leave and move on to the next lease or buy a new vehicle. In terms of costs, you will see a lower monthly cost on average compared to monthly payments on a car purchased. However, for a rented vehicle, insurance is generally higher because of the additional coverage of non-life insurance. Assets (CAP) Cost: The negotiated price of the vehicle, in addition to all other properties included in the lease and paid over the life of the lease, such as. B a service contract. B. Agree on a return date with the original Kia dealer. To make an appointment for the return of your vehicle, contact the Kia dealership 7 to 15 days before your scheduled due date. This will allow you and the dealer to make a decision on a new lease or sale agreement.

If you`re not comfortable for one reason or another, call the Kia Lease End Services team for free at (866) 331-5632 to help you reach Midwest Kia. The single paid lease is a rental agreement in which the taker pays a single down payment instead of monthly payments. The residual value does not change, but the monetary factor is discounted, resulting in lower financing costs than a traditional term lease. PAC (Car Protection Guarantee) Coverage: When a leased vehicle is added or stolen, there may be a discrepancy between the amount of insurance compensation and the remaining lease commitments. Kia Finance GAP coverage forgoes the difference between what the car is worth and what you still need. You only pay your deductible and are not responsible for the rest of your rents. Limitations and limitations may apply. End of lease: if the terms of a lease are fully fulfilled. The termination of a lease can be anticipated, the purchase may involve a penalty. As you approach your due date, you want the peace of mind of an informed decision.

That`s why Midwest Kia facilitated the leasing process. You have two basic options to manage the duration of your current lease: Purchase option: The option to purchase the leased vehicle, usually at the expected end of the rental period for a fixed price indicated in the lease. Provision (Turn-In) Fee: A fixed tax set in the rental agreement and payable at the end of the tenancy if the tenant does not purchase the vehicle. Kia Finance waives this tax with a loyalty bonus if you have a new Kia or if you buy a new Kia. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to get out of a car leasing prematurely that is available to you. Your best starting point is to talk to a professional to check all your options. If you have a KIA, please visit our financial aid page to find out more. The best insurance to find yourself in this position is simply to find the GOOD CAR. If you buy a car, you go to a trusted dealer that helps you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, on weekends as during weekly trips, with payments that don`t go up to the Bretik.

A. Have your rented vehicle inspected. About 60 days before your deadline, a Kia Motors Finance External Vehicle Inspection representative will contact you to schedule a free vehicle inspection. The inspection takes about 30 to 45 minutes.