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Kia Lease Agreement

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The dealer will provide you with copies of all the documents you have signed. Once you have completed these simple steps, you must inform Kia Motors Finance that the vehicle has been returned and your rental registration is complete. Step 1 – Evaluate your current KIA Any damage to your vehicle that is considered excessive wear and tear and use is subject to a fee. If you wish, you can visit us at Tom Kadlec KIA for a free pre-inspection, 90-120 days before the end of your rental contract. We will check the condition of your vehicle and, if necessary, prepare a cost estimate. We understand that situations change and that exiting a lease may be your only option. You can sign a rental agreement with the 1. Make the remaining payments on the lease 2. Determine what is the redemption of this vehicle at this time 3. Exchange the vehicle and let the dealer pay for the car. This is the amount required to purchase your rented Kia Telluride.

Once your lease is over, it is possible to refinance you, but this is only an option available to you at the end of the lease. Closed rental: The most common type of rental, a closed lease, allows the renter to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period without liability, provided that all other conditions of the rental are met. When customers visit our Kia dealership in Amherst, Ny, there may be confusion as to whether they should buy or lease their new Kia model. What is best for you? What gives you what you want? Our team understands that if you want a new car, there is no room for confusion. We`ve put together a quick selection of frequently asked questions about Kia leases near Buffalo. Do I have to hand over my lease to the store where I rented it? Purchase Option: The option to purchase the leased vehicle, usually at the expected end of the lease term at a fixed price specified in the lease agreement. End of lease: When the terms of a lease are fully met. The termination of a lease can be done prematurely, the purchase can involve a penalty. Since the lease of your current KIA is due, it`s time to think about what you plan to do with your vehicle. This end-of-lease package guides you through the process and introduces you to the available options.

Do you still need more than 19,500 miles a year? You also have the option to charge additional miles at the beginning of the lease and at a lower cost than at the end of the lease. There are many options when your Kia lease near Cheektowaga has come to an end, and we`re here to help you with those decisions. You can choose to buy your leased vehicle, drop it off for another vehicle, or move away from it altogether. We have many West Seneca Kia drivers who choose to exchange their Kia Rio for another rented vehicle, but ultimately it`s up to you. Q: Who do I contact to set up a pre-inspection or lease statement? It will also answer many questions you might have along the way. For your convenience, we`ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. More detailed information about rental maturity options can also be found below. If a customer does not meet the annual mileage limit, an overage fee may apply at the end of the lease. Q: Should I have a pre-inspection before my lease expires? With Gap Protection, if you have the required insurance in your rental agreement, you are only responsible for the deductible and amounts due (for example.

B, overdue payments) at the time of the incident. Some restrictions may apply. Gap Protection may waive the difference – or discrepancy – between your insurance payment and your unpaid rental in the event that your rented vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss. This unique benefit is built into your lease. Monetary factor: The forward monetary factor indicates a financing rate for a vehicle lease. It determines how much you pay each month in the financial change during your lease. The higher the monetary factor, the higher your monthly payments and the more you pay in total financing costs. It doesn`t matter how far you want to travel; We can make your rental contract perfectly suitable. We offer seven rental mileage options from 10,500 to 19,500 miles per year, choosing the option that best suits your travel needs. Excessive wear: Daily driving can cause wear and tear on a vehicle, such as . B tyre consumption, external bumps and bumps or interior padding stains. At the end of a rental period, damages are assessed and fees may apply if they are deemed excessive.