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Logistics Agreement With South Korea

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Korean companies are active in the Indian defense sector, as the K9 Vajra mobile artillery guns are manufactured by L-T in collaboration with Hanwha Land Systems. “India`s growing role and presence in the Indo-Pacific area and its respect for the guarantee of sea security in its area of responsibility will lead to increased engagement with the region and more logistical agreements that would mutually benefit India and the region,” said Commodore Anil Jai Singh (Retd), Vice President and Head-Delhi Branch Indian Maritime Foundation. Sources said such a logistics agreement helped the Indian navy and also helped with interoperability, particularly when operating in the Indo-Pacific region at South Korean ports. According to Commodore Singh: “In recent years, India`s proactive foreign policy has led to a significant strategic and defence engagement with the countries of the Indo-Pacific area, both in the West and in the East. This has also led to various logistical arrangements between the navies. While the LEMOA agreement was one of the founding agreements with the United States, there were many others that provided logistical support and berths to Indian navy ships. These arrangements also include the resupply at sea of the ongoing supply vessels of the other and are an important element of capacity building and cooperative engagement. That is also what India is saying. In addition to facilitating the prolonged use of ships at sea in distant waters, this is an important measure of confidence and capacity building, with considerable diplomatic dividends. “India will be able to obtain logistical support when it operates in the Indo-Pacific at South Korean ports.” Such agreements expand the scope, presence and durability of naval vessels when deployed at long distances from ports in Iceland, the source added. India and South Korea reached a military logistics agreement during Defense Minister Rajnath Singh`s ongoing visit to Seoul. The two countries have also formulated a forward-looking roadmap to take bilateral cooperation of the defence industries to the next level, the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday. India and South Korea have entered into a military logistics agreement that supports each other`s navies.

Following talks between Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and his South Korean counterpart, Jeong Kyeong-doo, in Seoul, this was concluded and, to take defence cooperation to the next level, the two sides also formulated a forward-looking roadmap. The Ministry of Defence said the two ministers also discussed regional and international developments of common interest and exchanged views. In recent years, the Indian Navy has maintained an unprecedented pace of operation, and the current operational concept of deploying several missions with more than a dozen large surface combatants deployed along the entire length and breadth of the Indopazifik has been possible because of the logistical support available to Indian navy ships in various ports in the region and during bilateral or multilateral exercises with other marine friends. their refuelling resources, the former naval officer added. . A defence source said that this foreign cooperation initiative would greatly support interoperability. Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and his South Korean counterpart Jeong Kyeong-doo in Seoul on Thursday. | Photo credit: AP . The decision to extend logistical support to each other`s navies will significantly improve India`s reach in Indopian space and make South Korea close partners, such as the United States and France, with a similar bilateral pact. The marked maritime orientation of the Indo-Pacific area, as its name suggests, and India`s exceptional status as the main maritime power in the Indian Ocean will ensure that the Indian navy will also play an important role in shaping the geopolitical contours of the region in India.