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Secondary Rental Agreement

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The lessor would agree on a monthly rent that would normally be made at equal payments beyond the main term of the lease. This would usually be based on the cost of the asset and an interest tax. From the point of view of the tenant, there is no distribution of capital and interest rates, it is only a monthly rental fee for the use of the goods. Although it is not a county directive, there is usually no right of withdrawal in a rental agreement and, therefore, the tenant is responsible for all payments due in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement, so it is advisable to ensure that the goods are appropriate for this purpose before entering into a lease, because it can be expensive, to change it. Financial leasing has tax advantages, since 100% of primary rents are tax deductible and are recorded as assets on the balance sheet. At Equilibrium, we have a solution – as an intermediary in negotiating and implementing a third-party arrangement sale that in most cases can be much lower than the rent of the peppercorn to ensure that ownership of the asset is transferred to the client. In this way, the administrative burden that this process can sometimes entail will be really saved and eliminated. If you are interested, we would be happy to conduct an assessment to identify an annual rental fee to one of your financial service providers and try to resolve them to ensure that costs are minimal and that documentation is handled professionally and efficiently…