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Texas Employment Agreement Form

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Depending on the sector, many employers require that their workers renounce the use of illicit drugs and that staff be subjected to random testing. The employment contract should indicate whether such a program exists and, if so, the worker must sign a medical authorization authorizing the employer to verify the test results. Provisions relating to the restitution of ownership of the business that may be held by the employee. Mobile phones, credit cards, tools, notes, books, manuals, keys, uniforms, ID cards must be returned at the end of the employment relationship. Protect the company from unfair competition. Be sure to draw up the non-competition clause in strict compliance with the legislation in force. Non-competition must be proportionate in measure, time and geographical area. It must also be linked to the protection of the company`s interests. For example, if the company provides the employee with supporting confidential information, it is likely that the company`s interest in keeping that information confidential would support a non-compete clause.

This is an ever-changing area of law and it is therefore preferable that the non-competition clause be regularly reviewed by a business lawyer who, if necessary, proposes amendments. Unlawful dismissal is a violation of the way in which the worker is dismissed, that is: In the absence of dismissal or correct compliance with the procedures or rights defined in the employment contract. The employer should clearly describe the worker`s work. In addition, an employment contract, through the documentation of clear professional expectations and responsibilities, allows employers to discipline and dismiss employees who do not meet professional performance standards.