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Use Of Facilities Agreement

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(a) The user may not violate, in or around such premises, the laws of the city, county or state. (b) The User may not assign this Agreement without the written consent of the Organization. (c) The user provides certificates of workers` compensation insurance and civil liability insurance and motor vehicle liability insurance, with limits of 1,000,000 USD, updated annually and including advance notice. (d) The User shall designate the Organization as an additional insured in its general liability insurance, with annual review and notice of termination, the number of other mutually agreed terms or provisions as required (f) This Agreement may be terminated at any time by any party by notifying the other party in writing thirty (30) days in advance. (g) This Agreement is the result of joint negotiations and elaborations. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed against any of the Parties on the basis that that Party has designed the language in question. THE USER HAS READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNED THE AGREEMENT RELATING TO THE USE OF THE PREMISES AND THE AGREEMENT OF RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION, AND FURTHER AGREES that no warranty, representation or verbal inducement inconsistent with the aforementioned written agreement has been made. 2. THE USER HEREBY AGREES to exempt, protect, store and maintain harmless the Rejects and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur as a result of the User`s operation on the premises of the Organization, including, but not limited to, the use of the Organization`s equipment or facilities; if this damage is caused by the exclusive or partial fault of the declassifications. This Agreement on the use of facilities shall be inserted between the name of the youth organisation and the insertion of the name of the user group, hereinafter referred to as the organisation and user. The agreement provides for the addition of the objective of the agreement, the areas to be used, etc., according to the attached timetable for the start and duration of the agreement, at the total cost, at the rate per period, etc. CONSIDERING the authorization to use the injection areas to be used by the organization for the purposes of the agreement and payment of the aforementioned user fees, the user accepts for himself and for all his collaborators, representatives, representatives and beneficiaries of the transfer and declares to have carefully inspected or evaluated these premises. .

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